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Outdoor Living

As more and more people discover the enjoyment of outdoor living, one of the top priorities is often the construction of a walkway, patio, pool area or a place where they can relax. This area becomes an attractive outdoor room for work or play. It is a place to read the Sunday paper, eat a meal, play with the children, enjoy the sun, or entertain friends.

This outdoor living space is an important asset, increasing the value of a home as well as reclaiming unused areas of lawn and garden. The selection of the color and texture of the pavers can be chosen to blend with the tone and scale of the house. A patio, walkway or garden wall can connect the house with various parts of the landscape and define spaces within the yard. Oldcastle Coastal products truly complete your home and landscaping.

Superior Quality

Oldcastle Coastal selection of Brick, Concrete Pavers, Retaining Walls and Outdoor accessories provide a wide selection of sizes from a small, hand held brick to a larger scaled paver. Many styles and colors are available. They can be used alone or combined to create unique designs and paving effects.

No other company can offer the superior quality and complete selection Oldcastle Coastal can. Our reputation stands solid with our product performance and service to our customers. Visit one of our showrooms today!