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TRENDSTONE® ground face masonry units are pre-finished integrally colored concrete block with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates. A factory-applied clear satin gloss acrylic accentuates the natural beauty of the aggregates and provides moisture resistance. TRENDSTONE offers the enduring beauty of natural colored aggregates and the solid permanence of masonry.

One-Step Installation: TRENDSTONE Series masonry units provide finished load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls in a single trade, one-step operation. You save time and money.

Maintenance Free: TRENDSTONE units are virtually maintenance free! There’s no need to repaint or refinish.

Low Life-Cycle Costs: The TRENDSTONE finish will last the lifetime of your building.

Easy-to-Clean: TRENDSTONE ground face masonry units provide a wall surface with a high degree of graffiti-resistant cleansability.

Mold and Moisture Resistant: Manufactured with an integral water repellent admixture, TRENDSTONE ground face masonry units repel moisture and prevent mold and efflorescence.

Durability: Structural integrity and durability make TRENDSTONE the perfect choice for your institutional, commercial or industrial project.

Design Flexibility: TRENDSTONE ground face units offer you freedom of expression in design through a wide variety of colors, shapes and scoring patterns. Trenwyth even produces rounded corners and edges for ADA compliance!

Over-sized Units: Create large-scale walls, columns and arches of monumental proportion! Trenwyth’s MONUMENTAL SERIES over-sized filled and polished ground face masonry units are available in most TRENDSTONE colors.

Fire Protection: Depending on the thickness and internal configuration of the block, TRENDSTONE offers up to a 4-hour fire rating.

Sound Absorbing: TRENDSTONE is also available in ACOUSTA-WAL sound-absorbing units. Together TRENDSTONE and ACOUSTA-WAL are your indoor/outdoor solution to sound absorption and control.

Applications: Interior and exterior