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Diamond Stone Cut ® Retaining Wall System

The bold look and easy installation of the Diamond Stone Cut® retaining wall system have long made it the obvious choice for residential and light commercial wall projects. Two Diamond Stone Cut face styles offer a more natural appearance that increases the versatility of this landscaping classic.

Created at the request of the very contractors who rely on the rugged dependability of the Diamond® retaining wall system, the Casual and Formal faces bring warmth and character to any landscaping project. With a richly textured quarried look, these styles join the straight and beveled faces in offering all the triedand-true features of Diamond blocks. The patented rear lip provides uniform installation and reduced labor costs. Coupled with the optional step and cap accessories, the expanded versatility of Diamond walls means more design freedom than ever before.

  • Patented rear-lip technology
  • Build gravity walls up to 4 feet, 6 inches high, including buried course
  • Taller walls can be built using geosynthetic reinforcement or stabilized aggregate when designed by a qualified engineer
  • ICC evaluated

No pins. No mortar. No misalignments. Our patented rear-lip technology makes installation quick, efficient and accurate. Anchor - the original rear-lip product!

Visit anchorwall.com for installation instructions.

*Actual dimensions and weight may vary from these approximate dimensions due to variations in manufacturing processes. Specifications may change without notice. See your Anchor representative for details, color options, block dimensions and additional information.

Stretcher Units Casual Face Formal Face
Approximate Dimensions* 6" x 15 7⁄8" x 12" 6" x 17 1⁄4" x 12"
Approximate Weight 69 lbs. 71 lbs.
Coverage .67 sq. ft. .72 sq. ft.
Setback/Batter 1 1⁄8"/10.6° 1 1⁄8"/10.6°
Minimum Inside Radius 4' 8'
Minimum Outside Radius 2.5' 4'

Accessory Units Extra Large Cap Step
Approximate Front, 3" x 18" x 13" 6" x 16" x 12"
Dimensions* Back, 3" x 12" x 13"  
Approximate Weight 44 lbs. 85 lbs.